Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my, oh my...

where has time gone?! i think my deep longing to be able to hibernate through the winter this year, and wake up once spring arrived, has partly come true. i put myself in survival mode just to survive this winter, since it was a brutal one (over 100 inches of snow this winter! eek!), and am finally opening my eyes to warmer days, and even a little bit more sunshine!  :) i feel like i can be a part of the living go outside and not cringe because once again, it's snowing...another 5 feet....on top of the 5 feet we already have.  :)

let's just say spring cannot get here soon enough! and the glimpses of hope that i see every day in the sunrises and the days filled with sunshine, are helping me open my eyes and know that spring is just around the corner!  :)

i'm also hoping, that with spring,  my motivation will be back to blog. everyone just needs a little sunshine to help, right?!

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