Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my, oh my...

where has time gone?! i think my deep longing to be able to hibernate through the winter this year, and wake up once spring arrived, has partly come true. i put myself in survival mode just to survive this winter, since it was a brutal one (over 100 inches of snow this winter! eek!), and am finally opening my eyes to warmer days, and even a little bit more sunshine!  :) i feel like i can be a part of the living go outside and not cringe because once again, it's snowing...another 5 feet....on top of the 5 feet we already have.  :)

let's just say spring cannot get here soon enough! and the glimpses of hope that i see every day in the sunrises and the days filled with sunshine, are helping me open my eyes and know that spring is just around the corner!  :)

i'm also hoping, that with spring,  my motivation will be back to blog. everyone just needs a little sunshine to help, right?!

Monday, December 6, 2010

baby, it's cold outside

this weekend, we had our first taste of winter...lots and lots of snow, and ice, and bitter cold winds! as much as i love how the snow puts me in the Christmas spirit, i'm not a fan of leaving an extra 15 mins early to get to my destination on time, driving around like a grandma because the roads are so icy, or even having to go out in the freezing cold to scrap off my car before i can leave. not to mention the leather seats in my car...not too friendly on the skin, when my car hasn't been warmed up.  :)

all in all, i better get used to it. because, unfortunately, i think old man winter is going to stick around...for awhile. this is just the beginning, and i need to figure out how to survive the next 4 months of winter...without going crazy. :) ideas, anyone?!

happy snowing!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

once upon a time...

When I was a little girl, I had big dreams for what I wanted to be when I got old enough. I couldn't wait to experience life as a "grown-up." To be able to drive a car, to be "big enough" to go to high school, to have a boyfriend, and so on. It was an exciting adventure to dream every day of who I'd become. I remember days on end of playing "house" outside on our swing set, pretending that I had the perfect job, and an amazing family that I was caring for. (even though the job, the husband, and the children were all fake. :)) It was always fun to dream as a child...because everything back then seemed possible. Dreams of being an astronaut, or a celebrity, or even a school teacher seemed so easy to reach, that thoughts of how to get there didn't even cross our mind.

I remember as a child, being so excited to grow up, to start living these dreams, that some days I forgot to just be a child. To enjoy where I was at in my life. And that one day, instead of dreaming to be a grown-up, I'd be dreaming to be a child again. To have not a care in the world, not a job to worry about, and definitely not the stress of where your life is headed. To be able to sit on the playhouse each and every day in your backyard, enjoying the simpleness of life.

If I knew then, what I know now...and where life has taken me, I'd be astounded. I wouldn't understand why it is so hard to obtain your dreams, and why it takes so much work to fill the desires of your heart. I just simply wouldn't understand...

Life definitely has its ups and downs. Good times and bad times. Times of regret and times of thankfulness. Times of sorrow and times of happiness. As I learn to continue pushing through this thing called life, I'm learning to focus on the good things that God has provided. I'm focusing on the person I've become because of struggles and hardships I've had to endure, as well as the times of joy and laughter. Each individual season of my life has taught me a lesson or two, and has continually shaped my heart and mind into the person that God is shaping me into.

Are there times when I just don't feel good enough? And that I've had enough? Absolutely. But then I'm reminded of all the amazing things that God has provided in my life, and I'm forced to refocus my thoughts. I'm forced to push all the hurt, pain, and hopelessness aside of not being where I wanted to be at this age, and forced to look at the good things I have. Important things that I should be focusing on, rather then dwelling on what I don't have.

My desires are going to keep me fighting until the day I die. Even if it means that every once in awhile I break down and cry, because some days, fighting for your desires seems like the hardest thing you've ever done. And many times, you feel so alone fighting for them, that you just don't have the strength to keep on fighting. But, I will continually cry out to God, and he will provide me with the rest and assurance that tomorrow is a new day. And that even though I need to keep fighting, he will show me the great dreams that will come out of the battles that I've won. Even if right now, I can't see it.

Once upon a time, I dreamed of big plans for my adult life. And once upon a time, I dreamed of being a child again. However, God is showing me that Once Upon A Time...He died on the cross for me, for my sins, and gave me the strong desires to be a child of God. To live my life Christ-like, even when it seems so hard. And your life is spinning out of control. I just need to open my eyes, and see how far I've come...since I was that little girl, dreaming dreams in the backyard of my childhood home.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010


For little guy's 2nd birthday, Chad and I wanted to get him something fun! So, of course we had to get him something that he could not only drive around...but also something that he'd be able put his toys in...:) So, my mom found a gator power wheel for him at a garage sale...PERFECT. Let's just say he was a little terrified of it at first, but he is definitely warming up to it.  :) He looks so old in it!

{THE g.a.t.o.r!}

{chilling in the back of the gator}

{trying to convince him to drive it...was not a fan of it}

{Uncle Chad & Aunt E's gift to little guy...:)}

Monday, September 20, 2010


1} What kind of hair (color/cut) have you always wanted but never had the nerve to do it?

I like my brunette colored hair, but wish I looked better in darker colors of brunette. I love the deep dark chocolate browns. I also would love to have long semi-curly hair...but my hair is too thin...I'll never get to that point.  :)

2} If you haven't been/or could do it over, where would/did you go on your honeymoon?

I have always wanted to go to a resort in the Caribbean Islands. Now, if I got to pick ANYWHERE, I'd probably choose Fiji or Bora Bora or something.  :)

3} What is your dream car?

I love the new Ford Edge's. However, I also love the Lexus SUV's. I'm an SUV long as it's not HUGE, I'm a fan.

4} If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I'd love to live somewhere that is warm all year long...however, I've become a huge fan of the seasons lately, and have an appreciation for them. Plus, I love living close to family. So, wherever my family goes, I'd be content.

5} What famous lady would you love to be or be bff with?

I love Carrie Underwood. I think she has awesome morals and values in her life...and I love her voice! She has a good head on her shoulders.

6} What colors did you do or do you want to do for your wedding?

I have this grand idea of what I want the colors of my wedding to be in my head, however, I'm so open to hearing what my future husband well as the time of year that we get married, and what colors would look best. So, I'm not really set on anything specific.

7} What trashy reality show are you embarrassingly addicted to? 

I am addicted to The Bachelor/ette for sure. Luckily with not having much time to watch TV, that is the only one. But, I do love it.  :)

8} Do you remember your first kiss? How old were you and how awkward was it?

Yes, I do, actually. I was probably 17, I'm guessing...and honestly, it wasn't that awkward.

9} What is your guilty pleasure?

Either Caramel White Mocha Misto's from Starbucks, or Chicken Burrito Bowl from Chipotle.  :)

10} What is your favorite chick flick?

I'd have to say, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Love that movie.  :)

11} What is your favorite beverage?

Fountain Pop Sprite from Mcdonalds...or my Starbucks coffee.  :)

12} What is your theme song?

Haha, I have NO idea...I'm sure there are lots that fit me, but I can't pick one.  :)

13} Who is your style icon?

I don't necessarily have an icon that I look to for my style. I usually tend to go with the flow and find what fits my body best for the current style that is in. I'm not a trend setter, that's for sure.  :)

14} When was the last time you cried and why?

Um...last night. Lots of unknowns in my life right now...trying to figure out this thing called life.

15} What playlist/cd is on your cd player/iPod right now?

I tend to listen to Tenth Avenue North lately, or my India playlist on my iPod. I go in phases, so it may be completely different next week.  :)

16} What is your favorite dessert?

Warm Apple Pie or Apple Crisp...I LOVE THEM...however, I can't eat them I really miss them as well.

I tag...
The Fischer Family Blog

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have a pile of random photos of my nephew that keep building and building up...however, there isn't just one good post to put them all in. So, I decided to create a "fun" post where I'm going to update you with some of the most adorable pictures of my nephew. I know I share a lot of photos of him on here, but he is a huge part of my life, therefore what I take most of my photos of lately.  :)  So, that is why you get so many adorable photos of him. I promise once I get out of my funk, that I'll start my blogging up again...and about real things happening in my life. However, right now, I'm pretty sure you'd rather see these photos then listen to me.  :)  So, enjoy!

{helping momma bake cookies!}

{wearin' momma's work shoes!}

{playing on the beach in South Haven!}

{love him}

{ridin' in his new gator!!}

{eating yummy birthday cake!!!}